Marching Forward

by the Cottingley Crew



The Oldham District Amalgamated Trades Council banner collection of Gallery Oldham.


Marching together forward against dementia, all society should be united its understanding & support for those living with dementia.


  • Many of the Cottingley crew has worked in industry, so the wheel represents the wheel of industry, within its spokes are some of Leeds iconic buildings & industries starting bottom left, Leeds town hall, Tetley’s brewery, the Kirkstall forge and Hunslet engines.
  • Inscribed in the rim of the wheel is  “Marching together forward against dementia we are united we are here, we still have heart, we are still ourselves.”
  • To the left and right are two iconic Yorkshire sportsmen, Billy Bremner, footballer Leeds United & Scotland and Freddie Trueman cricketer, Yorkshire & England.
  • The group at the bottom of the banner is based on members of the Cottingley crew.
  • The embellishments in the corners are stylised acanthus leafs which represent art and an enduring life.
  • The colours yellow and blue are the colours of Leeds United football club, but blue can represent loyalty and yellow


Concept Ian Beesley

Design Martyn Hall

Illustrations Tony Husband

Poem Ian McMillan

Embellishments Ian Beesley

Printed by Bigartand banners





Marching Forward