Navigating the system:
Dementia support for all

by the Kirklees DEEP



The Oldham District Amalgamated Trades Council banner collection of Gallery Oldham.


Navigating the system; Dementia support for all.

After receiving a diagnosis of dementia people and their carers often find the system to access appropriate support and care very confusing. Kirklees DEEP are campaigning for a better and clearer system for access to contacts, advice, care and support.


  • Kirklees Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project  covers Huddersfield Batley, Birstall, Cleckheaton, Denby Dale, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Holmfirth, Kirkburton, Marsden, Meltham, Mirfield and Slaithwaite. Kirklees had a population of 422,500 in 2011 and is  the most populous borough in England that is not a city.
  • The maze represents the difficulty that people with a recent diagnosis of dementia had in trying to access the appropriate services and is based on the personal experience of people in the group.
  • The colours green, blue & purple are taken from the Kirklees


Concept Ian Beesley

Design Martyn Hall

Maze illustration Ian Beesley

Group caricature Tony Husband

Poem Ian McMillan

Printed by Bigartand banners



Huddersfield 22nd November 2019