When we talk, will you listen?

by Hamari Yaadain Leeds



The Oldham District Amalgamated Trades Council banner collection of Gallery Oldham.


“When we talk will you listen” asks us to listen and try to understand the concerns of people living with dementia. One of the symptoms of dementia can be that it affects speech, particularly the ability to speak a second language.


  •  Hamari Yaadain is a South Asian group based in Leeds. The centre illustration is of members of the group within a lotus blossom. The lotus blossom is the national flower of India.
  • In the corners of the banners, at the top, are marigolds, these are important flowers in South Asian culture and at the bottom are the white roses of Yorkshire. The flowers are joined vertically by sound waves. The group was recorded saying, “When we talk will you listen”, first in English and then in Punjabi. These recordings were then converted into these visual sound waves.
  • On the left of the banner is English and to the right Punjabi.
  • The colours green and saffron are taken from the Indian flag, green represents healing and nature whilst saffron can represent renunciation and humility.


Concept Ian Beesley

Design Martyn Hall

Centre illustration Tony Husband

Floral illustrations Eleanor Tomlinson

Poem Ian McMillan

Embellishments (sound waves) Ian Beesley

Printed by Bigartand banners


Exeter April 2019.


When we talk, will you listen?