The Right to a Grand Day Out

by Yorkshire DEEP



The Oldham District Amalgamated Trades Council banner collection of Gallery Oldham.


"The right to a grand day out” the Yorkshire dementia engagement and empowerment group comprising of groups from Bradford, Scarborough and York campaign for those living with dementia to receive better support and understanding from public transport companies.


  • The banner has two versions a negative side (everything that is wrong with the transport systems and a positive side (how it should be).
  • This is a simplified form of oppositional narrative representation i.e. good versus bad, safe v dangerous, unite v divide, this style was often employed on traditional banners to illustrate the benefits of campaigning, joining a union or other organisations.
  • The colour red symbolises positivity and revolution/
  • The embellishments are stylised representations of the roads and railways they are easy to navigate and take a direct route.
  • The corner illustrations represent some cultural icons of a grand day out in Yorkshire, as chosen by the group, so they are Yorkshire puddings, Yorkshire ice creams, Yorkshire tea and Yorkshire beer.
  • The central image is of one of the coastal village of Staithes in North Yorkshire a popular tourist designation. This image is from an old British Rail poster advertising the joys of travelling by train, ironically the track to Staithes was axed under the Beeching plan in 1961, but it is a fine illustration of what the benefits of a nationalised rail network were.


Concept Ian Beesley

Design Martyn Hall

Inset illustrations Tony Husband

Poem Ian McMillan

Embellishments Lydia Keane

Printed by Bigartand banners


York station 23rd May 2018 as part of National Dementia Action Week.


Give Us the Right to a Grand Day Out