Allotment Weather 1

We don’t care if it rains soft rain
Because the rain soaks in
And it’s good for the brain;
We don’t care if the wind blows strong
Because our days are lovely
And our days are long;
We don’t care if the snow fall deep
Because our lives are warm
And they’re ours to keep;
We don’t care if the suns too hot
Because the weather we have
Is the weather we’ve got.

Allotment Weather 2

We can’t think when the fog drifts in
And leaves no room for the brain to work
There’s jobs to remember but we can’t begin
To think how to do them; Time to talk
About the brighter days, the morning sun
That warms your heart and makes you smile
The birdsong when day’s just begun
The old bench where you rest awhile
What of the dried up plants, the branches dead
As our memories feel on days like this
When there’s nothing growing in our empty head.
Don’t think of that; just think of this:
The sun waits behind the soaking rain,
The seasons will soon turn again.

Ian McMillan