Needing friends

by Budding Friends Exeter



The Oldham District Amalgamated Trades Council banner collection of Gallery Oldham and the Budding Friends own allotment where they meet.


Needing friends represents what might be the consequences of loneliness, lack of support and friendship.


  • The banner has two versions a negative side.
  • This is a simplified form of oppositional narrative representation i.e. good versus bad, safe v dangerous, unite v divide, this style was often employed on traditional banners to illustrate the benefits of campaigning, joining a union or other organisations.
  • The colours: grey represents detachment and black has a number of negative connotations including sadness.
  • The corner illustrations represent (starting bottom left) the four seasons spring, summer, autumn & winter.
  •   The embellishment of ivy represents growing friendship,
  • The central image is of  “Dom” the Budding Friend’s allotment scarecrow who has no help or support in tending to the allotment.


Concept Ian Beesley

Design Martyn Hall

Centre illustration Paula Charman

Inset illustrations Tony Husband

Poem Ian McMillan

Embellishments Lydia Keane

Printed by Bigartand banners


Exeter April 2019.


Allotment Weather 1 & 2